I am the owner of a marketing firm. I am trying to establish MY website so I can take on clients. But I am having issues with integration.
I used a WIDGET to create a a a website contact form that I placed on the front homepage of my website to collect LEADS.
When creating the fields and design for that form it prompts you to integrate it, which I DID with CONSTANT CONTACT.
I tested the form and IT WORKED, but only ONCE!
It has stopped working. I have checked the integration to make sure it is setup correctly, and it is!
Can someone please help me? It WAS working and now it's not. I have a bunch of reps trying to tell me to try this or try that but those recommendations are NOT solutions, and does not even fix the problem but rather sends me on a wild goose chase that STILL isn't a resolution.
The contact form worked once, then stopped! So it's a bug of some sort, because I have checked everything on my mind and everything is correct.