Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We are excited to introduce a new feature in the DashClicks Conversations app called the Live Chat Welcome Message Trigger. This feature is designed to enhance user engagement and increase conversions on your website by initiating conversations with visitors through a customizable welcome message.
Key Features:
  1. Automatic Engagement:
    When a visitor lands on your website, the live chat bubble will automatically open, making a sound to draw attention and engage with the visitor.
  2. Customizable Welcome Message:
    Personalize the welcome message to suit your brand's voice. Customize the image and text to make the greeting more appealing and relevant to your visitors.
  3. Control and Flexibility:
    You have full control over the feature. Easily turn the welcome message on or off based on your preferences. Additionally, you can toggle the sound on or off to suit your website’s environment.
How to Enable:
  1. Navigate to Conversations App:
    Go to the Conversations app within your DashClicks dashboard.
  2. Access Settings:
    Click on the settings where you can customize your live chat bubble.
  3. Configure Welcome Message:
    Look for the new Welcome Message section. Here, you can customize the image, text, and sound settings.
  4. Deploy to Website:
    Once customized, grab the live chat installation code provided in the settings and add it to your website.
  • Increased Conversions:
    By engaging visitors as soon as they land on your website, you are more likely to capture their interest and convert them into leads.
  • Enhanced User Experience:
    A personalized and timely welcome message can significantly improve the user experience, making visitors feel valued and attended to.
  • Higher Engagement:
    The proactive chat initiation encourages visitors to interact with your business, helping you gather more leads from your existing traffic.
The Live Chat Welcome Message Trigger is a powerful addition to your website’s engagement toolkit. By leveraging this feature, you can enhance user interaction, improve conversion rates, and ultimately, drive more business success. Install and configure your live chat welcome message today to start seeing immediate benefits.
Need Help?
If you need any assistance with setting up or customizing the Live Chat Welcome Message Trigger, please reach out to our support team or visit our help center for detailed guides and tutorials.
I'm excited to announce a significant upgrade to your communication experience with our fulfillment services team—say goodbye to Slack! 🎉
We've streamlined our communication tools to ensure faster and more efficient interactions with your account managers...
I create a quick video that explains it all... 👇
As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with superior service and support, we are transitioning from Slack to a more integrated and efficient communication system.
This new approach is centered around our live chat platform that will ensure quicker response times, better organization, and streamlined processes—all aimed at serving you better.
We understand the importance of timely and effective communication, which is why we've integrated powerful AI solutions and a unified communication workflow that dramatically improve how we handle inquiries and support tickets.
With these changes, we've seen INSANE improvements... 🤯
  • Instant AI responses solving 49% of inquiries!
  • Average response times reduced to under two minutes!
  • Ticket resolutions times down to under two hours!
Please note, we will continue to support Slack communications for the next 30 days to ensure a smooth transition.
Your account managers will be here to support you along the way as well.
Next Steps?
Simply switch from Slack to our live chat for all your communications.
Just select the
Fulfillment (Account Manager)
option in live chat to get routed to your account manager.
It’s that easy! 🤗
We are excited for you to experience the enhancements firsthand and look forward to your feedback!
After 6 months of grinding, my team and I are dropping a game-changer – 124 killer funnel templates, ready to rock your world....
And guess what? It's all FREE in the Funnels app @everyone .
Wanna see the magic in action?
Check out this quick vid 👇 and dive straight into the awesomeness...
Take a look at all the new templates... 👇
Share Funnels in DashClicks is a game-changer! It lets you share your cool funnels with other folks. It's super handy for teaming up and getting more done, faster. Plus, it's like handing over a winning playbook to your buddies.
Awesome Points to Remember:
1. Share with a Click:
- Got a funnel you're proud of? Hit the share button and boom – it's ready to share with other DashClicks accounts.
- Super simple – no tech headaches!
2. Cool Bridge Page:
- When someone clicks your link, they land on a neat page.
- They see a video hello, what the funnel's called, and get a sneak peek at what you've made.
3. Copy-Paste Magic:
- DashClicks folks can grab your funnel in a snap. Just log in and it's like cloning your funnel into their account.
- Everything gets copied – even the nitty-gritty stuff like forms.
4. Invite New Friends:
- If someone doesn't use DashClicks yet, no sweat. They sign up for free, and your funnel gets zapped into their new account.
- Easy as pie!
5. Sweet Deal with Affiliate Cash:
- Share with someone new, and if they start paying for DashClicks, you get 40% of that – for life! How cool is that?
- Great way to make some extra dough just by sharing.
6. Sell or Team Up:
- Create and sell your own funnel designs.
- Agencies, here's your chance to build funnels and share them other agencies.
7. What's Next:
- Soon, you'll be able to push funnels straight into subscriber sub-accounts too.
Why It Rocks:
  • Perfect for sharing winning funnels with team members or other businesses.
  • An awesome way to make some cash by selling your funnel skills.
  • Makes working together on funnels a piece of cake.
This feature is already rockin' in your account. Check it out and start sharing the funnels you're proud of!
Elevate your sales management experience with the DashClicks mobile app, available on both iOS and Android.
  • Access comprehensive funnel analytics
  • Monitor form submissions in real-time
  • Track your sales performance
  • Toggle your sales funnel on and off with ease
Enjoy these features and so much more, all at your fingertips!
We've completely re-designed our main menu for an enhanced user experience and easier navigation.
You can now build and manage InstaSites and InstaReports in the DashClicks mobile app!
You can now manually add new projects to the Projects app even if you're not using DashClicks for fulfillment!
You can now use Zapier when you receive form submissions in your funnels!
Our brand new Funnel Builder is now available in your account... and all your sub-accounts as well! 🎉
Here's a quick demo... 👇
Our funnel builder enables you to sell products, capture more leads, and design high converting landing pages in minutes...
Take your agency to the next level with
unlimited funnel building
capabilities for you and all your sub-accounts, all included in your affordable $99 per month DashClicks Pro subscription... 🤯
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