InstaSites & InstaReports Website Widget
You can now automate InstaSites and InstaReports prospecting even further... and make it a lead generation tool! 🤯
Get this added to your website or landing page in 3 easy steps:
  1. Create the InstaSites or InstaReports campaign in the Inbound app.
  2. Add the form widget to your website using the iFrame or embed options.
  3. Website visitors fill out the form, we automate the rest. 😎
What we automate 100% after a form gets submitted on your website:
  • We'll automatically build the InstaSites or InstaReport.
  • We'll automatically create a contact in your Contacts app.
  • We'll automatically create a new deal in your Deals app.
  • We'll automatically add the new lead in your Inbound app.
  • We'll automatically send an email or SMS to your sales rep letting them know they have a new lead.
  • We'll automatically send an email or SMS to your prospect with their new website (InstaSite) or online performance report (InstaReport).
Not only can you automate website and online performance report building... but your prospects can too. The possibilities are endless. 🍾
Backlinks White Label Fulfillment Service
You can now resell our Backlinks white-label fulfillment services!
If you're looking to boost your clients off-page SEO efforts, our Backlink services are a perfect fit and only start at $99/month.
Order Tracker in Fulfillment Center
You can now track the status of all your white-label fulfillment orders in real-time from our upgraded Fulfillment Center! 🎉
TikTok Ads Integration In Analytics & Projects App
You can now integrate your TikTok Ad account into the Analytics app to start tracking all your important campaign metrics. 12
  • Integration available in the Analytics app, and Projects app as well.
  • Hundreds of different metrics available to customize your view.
  • Available to all main accounts and sub-accounts as well.
Task Optimizations In Listings Manager & Google My Business Integration
We're now scanning your listings manager profile to create a list of optimization tasks you can quickly do to get better performance and visibility across 70+ directory listings! 🎉
Plus, we've also added a Google Business Listing integration as well!
You can now truly call Listings Manager self service!
New Call Tracking Metrics Integration In Analytics & Inbound Apps
You can now integrate Call Tracking Metrics into the Analytics and Inbound apps!
New Email & SMS Templates Available in The Templates App
We've hand-crafted 116 high converting email and SMS templates that you can use inside of your outbound messaging/automations with the click of a button!
SSO Access: You Now Have Full Access to Your Sub-Accounts
You can now easily access all your sub-accounts with the click of a button from within your main account.
Here's some awesome ideas you can now do:
  • Setup their analytics integrations for them to track campaign performance.
  • Setup their pipelines and Deal Automations.
  • Setup all their inbound campaigns to track leads.
  • Create custom email and SMS templates.
  • Offer reputation management services and respond to all their reviews from within their account.
The possibilities are endless!
You can do this from the new sub-account search bars in the main menu, and also in the app drawer. The search bar placements can be managed from Settings > Branding> Sub-Account Search.
Landing Page InstaSites Now Available + 150 New Niche Templates
We just released INSANE new updates to the famous InstaSites app! 🤯
It's time to ditch building custom funnels...
Yea... you heard that correct...
You can now use our InstaSites technology and build 2-step lead generation landing pages in under 30 seconds... 🤩
BUT.. that's not all...
  • You now have easy to use filters between 3 different types of InstaSites; Business, E-commerce & Landing Pages.
  • We've also added over 150 brand new InstaSites templates across dozens of niches to make it even sweeter!
  • Our Landing Page templates already have pre-built offers and high converting copy, so it's literally plug and play!
Start building your new InstaSites today!
Our brand new Reputation app is now available inside your DashClicks account! 🎉
Collecting and managing reviews has never been easier:
  • Send customers review requests via email or SMS to share their feedback.
  • Access all your customer reviews, from every source, in one dashboard.
  • Reply to reviews from within the dashboard to save time.
  • Get detailed insights on your businesses reputation across multiple channels.
  • We currently have Facebook and Google My Business integrations available... and dozens more coming soon!
Take control of your brand and solve customer issues by managing all your reviews in one place.
To make it all better...
The new Reputation app is available for BOTH your agency and all your sub-accounts... so all your customers can enjoy the exact same features! 🙌
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