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Please send all invoices via email
I would like to request ALL invoices be sent via email. The way it’s set up right now. You can only access the invoices via the dashboard/fulfillment center. This makes it very cumbersome when trying to figure out who and what you’re being charged for. Once you see the charge in your bank account, you then have to comb through every account and every invoice to try to figure out who it is for and which service. Not to mention, many of the invoice links are “expired” and cannot be accessed making it even more tedious and confusing. Please send ALL invoices via email to the marketing agency email this way as a business owner we can easily identify charges with corresponding invoices, and save the invoices with the approved services saving the customer documents in a file keeping everything organized. Ideally, it would be nice to have the invoice emailed along with the approved services (ex: social posts). Easily organizing this invoice is for this set of social posts for this customer. Boom 💥 simple, and easy! This way when we receive a charge we already have the invoice and the service document to know exactly which customer it’s for beforehand, before the charge goes through. And, if the service document is also included in the email along with the invoice we can easily keep everything organized knowing this invoice is for this set of social posts for this customer. This way when the charge does go through we already know beforehand instead of trying to figure things out after the fact.
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